To be the preferred supplier of maritime related products and services


  • Always maintain a positive brand image that signifies innovative development to all stakeholders.

  • Be customers' obvious choice of service supplier for the service of ships during port calls, as well as handling of goods by ship.

  • Provide maritime-related services, focusing on continuous improvement and innovation in a positive and honest way.

  • Be seen as an honest and trustworthy business partner who has a real desire to add value to customers' business and products.


  • Trustworthy and honest in our promises and delivery.

  • Responsible for providing quality work and contributing to the success of customers and partners.

  • Proactive in all our daily tasks and thinking.

  • Dedicated to innovating operational processes in our efforts to develop ourselves and create added value for our customers.

  • Customer-oriented externally, and collaboration-oriented internally.

  • Make extra efforts when necessary to provide the best possible service to our customers and partners.

  • Always work to improve ourselves professionally, and improve business and internal processes.

  • Maintain a safe and secure workplace without harm to people, property and partners, and with due regard to the environment.

ShipCargo Ltd.
10, Landdybet
9220 Aalborg East, Denmark


+45 7020 0890
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